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Drywall, Stucco & Plastering Services

Drywall & Plastering Services located in Twin Cities Metro. Enhance the feel and look of your house's inside with our professional stucco work and plastering services based in Twin Cities Metro. PEI's wall surface plastering and ceiling repair pros have the knowledge and abilities needed to execute simple to tricky and hard projects. You will not be unhappy in the end look and feel of your walls and ceilings in Twin Cities Metro.

Traditional plastering is an older method of construction and forming walls in Twin Cities Metro. Did you know that lots of older buildings have walls made by hand from plaster? Today, there are basically a limited amount of plasterers working, which is why it's very difficult to find a good professional for a very special job in Twin Cities Metro.

Drywall has been around since the 1950's. The work involves screwing up drywall boards to frame, right after which joints are taped and spackled for smooth surfaces. With our extensive experience in wall plastering and stucco, our highly experienced team has the ability to make straight corners and smooth, desirable walls for your living space in Twin Cities Metro.

Request a free quote from PEI on your residential plastering or stucco needs in Twin Cities Metro.


Professional Exteriors can help with your stucco or plaster restoration in Twin Cities Metro. For the past hundred of years plaster has been just one of the most functional, artistic and robust materials available. Many houses in Twin Cities Metro and historically significant buildings have exquisite, decorative plaster work that adds to the value of the property and gives it a personal touch not often seen in modern-day construction. Apart from it's aesthetic appeal plaster provides outstanding fire retardant, sound insulation and time tested durability. Over time plaster will show signs of wear and the damage can be alarming to an inexperienced eye. Often this damage seems worse than it is and repairing the plaster will actually be cheaper and in the long run more durable than removing it. These are the type of jobs that Professional Exteriors have been dealing with for many years. Give us a call prior to deciding to replace a classic piece of history and see how affordable it can be to revitalize your plaster work to its original look.

We prepared to begin on your next plastering job in Twin Cities Metro. If you have some much needed repair work, need personalized specialty styles, or are just curious about what we should do, give contact us today to schedule an estimate.






"We’ve used them in the past and they did amazing work! I’m honestly impressed with the job and the communication in addition to the quality of work. I’ve already recommended them to many friends and family members. Thank you again PEI!!"



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