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  • Does PEI do interiors?
    PEI handles any and all types of work pertaining to your home, office or business.
  • I have a small, local insurance company. Can you work with them?"
    We work with all insurance companies regardless of size or location.
  • How does PEI figure out their prices?
    We use the same estimating system as 95% of insurance companies. This way the only changes are made in quantities and forgotten items, not actual prices which can cause delays in an agreement.
  • How big is PEI?
    We're big enough to handle any job you offer us and small enough to give each job the personalized attention it deserves.
  • How long will my job take?
    Job length varies based on several factors, namely your insurance company and mortgage company. Policies and procedures vary by company.
  • Is PEI Licensed, Insured and bonded?"
    Yes. PEI is bonded and licensed with the state of Minnesota. Our license number is BC637881. We also carry full insurance.
  • Is PEI listed with the BBB?
    PEI is an accredited member of the BBB with an A rating.
  • How can PEI help me work with my mortgage company?
    We can work with your mortgage company to get your check cashed by filing the proper paper work on your behalf.
  • Why doesn't PEI do estimates for insurance work?
    PEI cannot offer a traditional estimate and then compare that amount to the numbers offered by the insurance company. As previously stated, PEI uses the same estimating system as most insurance companies. PEI works on a price agreeable basis with each individual insurance company.
  • Does PEI only do storm repair?
    No. PEI also handles renovation and restoration work. Please see our services pages for more information.
  • What is hail damage?
    Hail damage to your shingles will show as granule loss, divots, pitting or broken shingles. Hail damage to siding frequently results in cracks and holes in the peak of the lap.
  • Why do I need a contractor to help me with my insurance claim?
    Filing an insurance claim can be a complicated process. Our insurance specialists are trained to guide you through your claim. Our goal is to ensure that you receive the compensation you're entitled to.





"We’ve used them in the past and they did amazing work! I’m honestly impressed with the job and the communication in addition to the quality of work. I’ve already recommended them to many friends and family members. Thank you again PEI!!"



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