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Improving Curb Appeal for the Summer

Home exterior

Spring has sprung! After a dreadfully long winter, the flowers are finally blooming, the birds are chirping, and most homeowners have begun the process of cleaning up their yard. Besides the go-to tasks of cleaning up leaves, picking up sticks, cleaning out garden beds and planting plants – there’s a few additional tasks that may be worth your time.

  • Do a quick once over of the exterior of your home from the ground – look for any damage or built-up debris.

  • Wash your siding. Vinyl siding is considered “maintenance free”, but a quick clean can increase the longevity and of course, the curb appeal of your home.

  • Check your gutters and remove any leaves, branches, or pine needles. A back up in your gutter system can lead to additional damage during the next heavy rainstorm.

  • Look at your roof – if you see any visible damage, give us a call. Unrepaired roof damage can lead to further issues such as leaks, water damage, and rot.

  • Peek at your windows and see if the flashing is still intact and damage free – this again can help avoid any future water leaking problems.

  • Trim and properly dispose of any overgrown or partially detached branches. Make sure there is nothing resting on your home and remove anything that has the potentially of breaking free and falling onto your roof.

If you come across any damage that you’re not comfortable assessing, please give us a call! We can do that part for you and help you figure out how to proceed.

If you see anything or need a second opinion, don’t hesitate to call us! We always offer free inspections and consultations! (763) 434-1500

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